How does PDT light therapy machine work?

Pdt light therapy is a treatment that uses different lights to accelerate cell growth, accelerate blood circulation, and stimulate collagen production in fibroblast tissue. Thereby increasing skin elasticity, improving skin effects, and relieving sunburn. Pdt light therapy may also be called photo radiotherapy, phototherapy, or photochemotherapy.

Here is the content list:
●What are the pros and cons of PDT light therapy?
●What is the outlook for people who receive PDT-led light therapy?
●What are the applications of different led light therapies?

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What are the pros and cons of PDT light therapy?
Studies have shown that PDT light therapy is as effective as surgery or radiation therapy in treating certain types of cancer and precancerous lesions. It has some advantages, such as:
1. Single LED light power up to 12W, strong energy.
2. The stand is electrically adjustable, easy to move, and adjust the height.
3. Three groups or four groups of the led light therapy head can be selected to meet the face/body and other parts of the treatment needs.
4. Intelligent control software, with professional mode and standard mode for selection, easy and convenient operation.
5. RF ID / IC card management control design, can provide different business operation modes.
6. Using RTL, the Android operating system can achieve more functions. The light causes the PDT-led light therapy to form a special oxygen molecule that kills the cells. Pdt-led light therapy may also work by destroying the blood vessels.

What is the outlook for people who receive PDT-led light therapy?
Most people return to their daily activities immediately after PDT-led light therapy. Some people need to take extra steps to protect their skin and help the treated area heal.
Your healthcare provider may recommend covering the treatment area to help protect your skin. You may need to make lifestyle changes for a short period of time. These lifestyle changes may include:

1. Staying indoors.
2. Avoid direct, bright, or strong indoor lights.
3. Wear protective clothing and hats to avoid natural sunlight.
4. Staying away from environments that may reflect light, such as the beach.
5. Not using a helmet hair dryer.
6. Do not use strong reading lights or inspection lights.

What are the applications of different led light therapies?
①Red light(630nm): Red light has the characteristics of high purity, a strong light source, and uniform energy density. It can increase skin elasticity and improve skin yellowing and dullness. The effect of anti-oxidation and repair cannot be achieved by traditional skin care.

②Greenlight (520nm): It has the effect of stabilizing nerves, effectively de-lymphatic and dehydrating, improving oily skin, acne, etc.

③Blue light (415nm): Blue led light therapy can produce a large amount of single-linear reactive oxygen species, which can produce a
A highly oxidized environment leads to the death of the bacteria, which in turn clears the acne from the skin.

④Yellow light (630nm+520nm): Yellow led light therapy can accelerate blood circulation, activate cells, and stimulate the lymphatic and nervous systems. It can effectively improve microcirculation, and regulate cellular activity. It can improve microcirculation, regulate cell activity, and lighten freckles. It improves skin problems caused by age and restores the skin's youthful glow.

⑤Infrared light (850nm): It can accelerate wound healing, relieve pain, and help to restore healing of osteoarthritis, sports injuries, burns, scrapes, etc.

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Post time: Jun-28-2023
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