How Apolomed picosecond laser works?


HS-298 is close to the optimum for a tattoo removal laser and represents the current state of the art in this field.

There has been a great deal of discussion since the introduction of picosecond lasers regarding their value compared to a good nanosecond machine.

This has largely been due to the huge price difference that was very hard for most potential users to afford or even justify.

APolomed have now largely removed this differential and have placed picosecond lasers firmly into the mainstream of tattoo removal

lasers and prices many can afford. Now the small price differential is easily justified by the substantial performance enhancement. The HS-298 produces a power output 1,600% higher than any 5ns laser at the same fluence. This has the effect of:

Being able to breakdown smaller particles.
Produce a much stronger photo acoustic effect that is colour agnostic and will shatter adjacent particles of any colour.

The photothermal effect also works over a wider range of colours
The overall result is better clearance of the tattoo with less risk of damage to the skin.
The addition of the 20x diffraction array lens turns the HS-298 into a multi function device for skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation.

The build quality of this high performance machine is second to none and is fully backed by the APolomed.

Want a more affordable solution then the HS-298 a 500 picosecond laser that delivers the same energy but a little slower, is an excellent alternative and still way more effective than a typical nanosecond laser ollagenlase+ about picosecond laser HS-298:  



Collagenlase+ is a new skin resurfacing treatment enabled by the combination of the HS-298 picosecond laser and the x20 focused array lens.

The addition of this special lens turns the standard 10mm diameter beam into an array of focused microbeams.

These microbeams pass through the epidermis unfocused and cause little localised heating.

At the focal points deeper into the dermis these microbeams create plasma, in effect a series of microscopic explosions in the dermis, through Light Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB).

The result of these LOIBs is a series of cavitation voids of between 0.1 and 0.2mm in diameter that trigger an inflammation response within the dermis. This leads to a healing response and consequently skin remodeling, resulting in skin rejuvenation effects.



Post time: Dec-22-2021
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