Apolo Multifunction Laser Platform HS-900 is in process of USA FDA.

We are pleased to tell our Multifunction Laser Platform  is TUV CE  medical approved,  which now is in process of USA FDA.  We will get the approval asap.


HS-900 0416

Function of macHine: 

It is perform all your need for skin & hair treatment. The multi-application platform can distinguish 8 different type of handpiece functions automatically. It can be adapted 8 technologies treatment handles for various conditions.

These 8 technologies adapted:



RF bi-polar

RF mono-polar

1064+532nm Q-Switch

1064nm LongPulse

1540nm Er.Glass

2940nm Er. YAG.



■ 8-in-1 Platform with different technologies in one single unit.

■ Automatic recognized interchangeable handles for use

■ Can buy basic unit with only one handle first time, to buy extra seperate handle when you need
■ Save your budget, but can expand your customer base without expanding the device inventory


HS-900 0713


Post time: Dec-15-2021
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