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        What is freckle and who get it?
        The freckle is yellow and brown spot pigmented lesion usually found on the face and arms. Freckles are extremely common and are not a health threat. They are more often seen in the summer, especially among lighter-skinned people and people with light or red hair.


        Clinical feature
        1. Occurs during 5-10 years old, especially in adolescence, the older, the more.
        2. Related with sunshine and season.
        3. Appears on exposed part.
        4. Not elevate the skin or pit in the skin. No symptoms, no self-healing tendencies.
        5. 1-2mm yellowish-brown spots, scattering around exposed parts.


        The melanocyte is increasing in epidermis.


        Method of treatment
        1. IPL is the best choice for freckle treatment.
        2. E-light equipment is multifunction, which is also a great choice for freckle treatment.


        Recommended Equipment

        IPL HS-310C

        IPL E-light HS-300C

        IPL E-light HS-330

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