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        Hair Removal



        The configuration of hairs

        1. hair shaft;

        2. hair follicle


        a.The upside of hair follicle

        funnel part: from the hair follicle hatch to sebaceous gland hatch

        hair follicle isthmus: the hatch of sebaceous gland, with arrector pil.

        b.The downside of hair follicle

        neck part: arrector pil attachment contains some special hair stem cells


        bottom parts: hair papilla-with capillary and nerve endings offering nutrition to the hair shaft;the matrix of hairs-the growth area of hair follicle and there are melanophore.


        The growth periodicity of hairs

        1. The hair growth cycle: every cycle includes anagen, catagen and telogen. Generally speaking the anagen of hairs is about 3-6 years, the catagen of hairs is about 3 weeks, the telogen of hairs is about 3 months; the hairs of different parts are not synchronization, the hair of different part has different growth cycle. The length of hairs in different parts is related to the growth cycle, for example, the growth cycle of eyebrows is about 2 months.

        2. Anagan: the hair grow actively; there are the most melanophore.

        3. Catagen: the hair stop growing, capillary reduces, the hair papilla shrinks, and the melanophore stop producing.

        4. Telogen: hair follicle and hair papilla are separated, falling off hair.


        Methods of treatment

        1.PL/IPL+RF: It produces a precise beam of light energy, which safely transmits through the skin, selectively targeting pigment in hair the follicles. When this light is absorbed by the pigment in the follicle of the hair, it coverts to heat, which in turn causes thermal damage to the follicle and permanently destroys the hair and also disables the cells responsible for new hair growth. But not for dark skin hair removal.

        2. 808nm diode laser: Which is called the gold standard in hair removal, longer wavelength enables energy to penerate deep into dermis where follicle located and destroy it permanently, for any skin type hair removal.

        3. 1064nm long pulse nd yag laser: Suitable for any skin type hair removal, especially can for light gold hair removal.



        Recommended Equipments:

        IPL HS-300A

        Diode laser HS-810

        IPL(SHR) EPL HS-650

        Long pulse laser HS-280

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