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        Non-ablative anti Aging



        What is ablative anti aging ?

        Human dealt with typeⅡ,Ⅲphoto aging, and found that in addition to direct surgical operation, many non-ablation of skin rejuvenation technique is not ideal, people began to try ablate epidermis and less dermis with laser, bring to direct trauma on the skin activate the skin trauma healing mechanism to restore the normal structure of collagen, increase dermal collagen. We also found that laser ablative skin can cause the skin heat effects, which make collagen shrinkage in dermal tissue about 65℃æto tighten and lift skin.


        Clinical Feature

        1. Skin photo aging can lead the skin loosen, sagging, skin thinning, brittleness increase, rough skin and enlarged pores.

        2. Skin Wrinkle (three types)

        3. Scar

        4. Actinic cheilitis

        5. Pigmentation

        6. Rosacea and Benign proliferation

        7. Reconstruction of facial skin


        Recommended Equipment

        Er: YAG laser HS-820

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