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        • Series: HS-280
        • Model: HS-280
        • Brief Description:

        The latest innovation in laser hair removal is use the long pulse Nd:YAG laser, emitting a wavelength of 1064nm which safely pass through the epidermis to the underlying strata; hair follicles are eliminated by the process known as selective photothermolysis, by way of treating the hair without harmng the skin. The wavelength of light created by the laser targets the follicular germinal cells in the hair shaft and bulb, once absorbed by the melanin the hair can then be destroyed.

        Hair removal for all types of skin
        Vascualr Lesion
        Wrinkle removal
        Leg veins and Telangiectasia

        Pulse width

        10-40ms or 10-100ms

        Repetition rate


        Energy density

        tip 2.2*5mm


        tip Φ6mm


        tip Φ9mm


        Cooling system


        Advanced air & water cooling system


        Advanced air & TEC water tank cooling system

        Main power moudle


        Laser power


        OPT laser power

        Operate Interface

        8’’ True color TFT touch screen

        Power Supply

        85~130V or 180~260V, 50/60Hz





        High performance laser rod ensure the stable and effective output energy.
        Sapphire tips with different shapes meet different treatment.
        Device with pulse width 100ms and 40ms selectable.
        Optional OPT 2500W laser power module delivers optimal pulse shape, it more safety and effective.
        Advanced TEC water tank cooling system and cold sapphire window lead the lightguide's temperature is reduced to 5 ℃ during operation.
        Water filter is double secured to ensure long life of the diode module and whole system.
        Multi-languages supported,meets requirements of global market.
        Friendly touchable operate interface with standard mode and professional mode.           
        Interlock design ensure safety treatment environment.
        Modularized design for convenient maintenance.
        USB and IC card function supported.

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