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        • Series: HS-650 IPL SHR
        • Model: 5 HS-650
        • Brief Description:

        Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a type of intensive, broadband, coherent light source which has a wavelength spectrum of 420 nm -1200 nm.  With these special properties, the IPL has a wide application in non-ablative therapies based on theory of human skin tissue's selective absorption and photothermolysis of light sources. Meanwhile, IPL treatment is more effective, with no downtime and can make the patients get recovered more quickly than conventional therapies.

        Permanent hair removal

        Vascualr treatment

        Epidermal pigment removal

        Cutaneous lesion/Skin rejuvenation

        Spots and freckles removal

        Acne removal

        Skin firming and tightening


        1*IPL, 1*IPL SHR

        Spot size






        690-950nm for SHR

        IPL energy

        10-60 level

        SHR repetition rate

        1-6Hz/ 1-10Hz *

        RF output power


        Operate interface

        10.4’’ True color touch screen

        Cooling system

        Advanced air & water cooling system

        Power supply

        AC85-130 or AC180-260V,50/60HZ


        51*46*119cm (L*W*H)




        * 10Hz: under certain condition

        Optional: Various spot size & filters selection

        Optional: 8'/ 9.7' True color touch screen

        Optional: Air & TEC water tank cooling system


        Auto-detect interchangeable handpiece with multi spot size for option

        SHR mode with 15*50mm spot size for fast efficient & painless hair removal

        Advanced cooling system, adjustable contact cooling for comfortable treatment

        Water filter ensure smooth & clean water circulation, which prolong lifetime of handpiece and whole system.

        Multi-languages supported,meets requirements of global market.

        Friendly one finger touch screen with standard mode and professional mode                            

        Interlock design ensure safety treatment environment.

        Modularized design for convenient maintenance.

        USB and IC card function supported.

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