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        With Great Assets in Attractive Growing Markets
        A. Innovative technology: FDA clearances, Medical CE approved;
        Customers have FDA in USA, TGA in Australia, and Anvisa in Brazil, etc. All the above certificates keep our channel partners to stay relevant in the Global Medical & Aesthetic market.
        B. Global reach: Active installed base of more than 20,000 systems and presence in over 60 countries.
        C. Strong brand: The APOLOMED name and brand are associated with high quality among consumers

        With advanced products and quality Consciousness
        A. Manufacturing equipments: Strictly in accordance with ISO13485, high quality consciousness from IQC to during production QC to OQC.
        B. Working detection mechanism: FDA, TUV, SGS
        C. Products consciousness: Constantly work to expand the variety and nature of treatments our devices can perform.
        Team Work and Team Culture
        A. Shanghai Apolo business philosophy: people-oriented, integrity management. Talent will always be an inexhaustible motive force for the development of enterprises. The personnel as the company's most important resource, and is committed to create stage to realize self value and individual career development for employees.
        B. Team Work: Shanghai apolo give full play to the individual strengths and expertise, and believe everyone has unlimited potential, we give a platform for the development of each employee are fair, just and open;
        C. Team Culture: Shanghai apolo strove to create harmonious working atmosphere and help and together the team culture and our core philosophy: love, group, home, and implement them.






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