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        Maintenance points

        1. Maintenance points

        (1). Equipment should be put in environment which its temperature can be adjusted.

        Working temperature scope: +14 ~ +30℃

        Relative humidityscope: 30%~80%

        Atmospheric pressure barometric: 86kpa - 106kpa

        The store environment temperature: 4℃~44℃

        Power supply: 114VAC, 40/60Hz, ≦20A

        (2) Turn the power off and unplug device before any maintenance work

        (3) The main unit casing or body must be clean with neutral detergent, but be cautious as not to let liquid enter into the unit’s internal mechanism.

        (4) The treatment tip and the Sapphire crystal of handpiece must be kept clean at all times. Always use a soft damp cloth or wet cotton balls. Sanitize the treatment head with alcoholized cotton balls.

        (5) Replace water filter or ion filter regularly(every 3 months).

        (6) Replace the distilled water regularly(every 3 months), especially when wroking in warm climate, and need to shorten the changing water cycle if treatment tip is frequently changed.

        (7) When not use the equipment, please adjust to “Standby” interface.


        Routine Maintenance


        Maintenance work


        Check and clean outside surface

        Daily, before/after use

        Check, disinfect and sterilize accessories


        Check filter


        Check the handpiece plug


        Check the energy breaker handle


        Check the footswitch


        Check the water/ion filter


        Check electric cable



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